The Engagement Group is a community development and engagement consulting business with a core focus on impact.


Through our experience engaging people and communities, we have found that there is a need to build authentic connections between stakeholders and their constituents and business owners and their customers, to give and receive information, increase participation, and sustain efforts.

Unfortunately, we have learned that many find it difficult to understand and achieve "engagement" in a tangible way.


During various meetings, unanswered questions loom as thought leaders discuss how to engage their audiences: What are they thinking? What do they need or want to see? How do I reach them? How can I get them to show up and keep showing up? How do I improve my  outcomes?


It feels like an uphill battle. 


We have taken on the charge to help answer these difficult questions and do the hard work. This is a gap that we feel desperately needs to be filled in order to move our communities forward. 

The Angle

To add specificity and clarity to our work, we have adopted the phrase “public engagement.” This is a concept that was derived from the notion of community engagement + public participation. It’s a middle ground between a loosely used term that is typically discussed absent of universal interpretation or deliverables, and a definition that refers to a rigged, often outdated approach to involving people in public processes. 


Our agency has tweaked and designed frameworks that have proven to be successful, but we are clear that engagement does not come in a one size fits all model. We work deeply with staff, committees, community members, and business owners to design a process that aligns to your specific needs and goals. 

We are committed to building systems and implementing various methodologies to reach target audiences. We strive to create meaningful interactions that lead to desired organizational outcomes. Our approach is strategic, intentional, and flexible - with defined goals and action steps that lead to real impact. 

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The Impact

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